Friday, March 6, 2009

Here I am!!!!

I swore a few years ago, that I wouldn't start a blog, but here I am... I said that about MySpace too and I have a page there too, not that I visit it often.

So, now that I have taken the plunge, what is it that I want to accomplish here? Well my goal for this year is to join a Design Team outside of the group at my LSS and to get something of mine published in a book or magazine.

Having said that, I do have one possible DT entry and we are waiting for judging to start. I hate this part, the scrutiny, the tearing down of my work, the uncertainty of the whole process. But I know that I did what I could at that time. Of course, now, I could add a bunch of stuff or have done a couple things different. That's life and I'll just let it go and not obsess about something I can't change.

Well, I will be writing blog entries here and at The Scrapbooking Room. The Stamping and Scrapbooking Room in Greensboro, NC is where I teach a few classes. Betty & Eric, the owners, have a very welcoming store. It can be overwhelming on the first visit, but they will point you in the right direction and make you feel at home.

In the next few days, I'll show you some of the things I have been working on lately including my DT entries. Well, that is when I figure out how to upload and place photos! Until I get things going and more comfortable about posting on a regular basis, I know entries will go in stages. Sometimes it may be several then it could be awhile in between postings.

Thanks for stopping by...


dale88jr said...

Lynna - I love the look of the notebook paper as being your blog - makes it really easy to read. Can't wait to see your DT entry. Great start!!

Janine said...

Love the new blog! I know how you feel about loosing your craft knife. For me it's always my tweezers.

Teena said...

Lynna, Great new blog! I guess you ran with scissors too...LOL.

What I always loose is my matter if they are big or small...they HIDE from me!!!

And my journaling pen...has ANYbody seen that? LOL.

Looking forward to more exciting things in this blog as time goes on! And now this comment thingy works! YAY!