Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Stamps from

Well, I've been working on a few examples of cards made from new stamps from Cindy E. at I was working from a digital source with these until the stamps come in, so thereby limited a little. The new stamps will be shipping in the beginning of August.

What I find nice is that they will work with each other. Example, the whipped cream will work on any of the glasses or the lime/lemon wedge will as well. It makes the sets more usable. I think once I get my hands on the actual set, then I can do a little masking to make some interesting layering effects. Another wonderful thing is there will be card scents to go along with them. I know Cindy is working on more scents to go along with these stamps. These will make great 'girlfriend' cards! I like to leave mine blank inside, but you could easily dress up the insides with the little extras in the sets (strawberries, cherries, etc). Give your girlfriends card to cheer them up or to make a girls night out.
Here are a couple of my samples:

Although you can really see in the pictures, I used UTEE on both stemware to give it a better glass look. I used a clear embossing powder over the colored part of the glass to give it a little shine, but the stem of the glass looks a little thicker in real life.

In the second card, I had a piece of vellum that had the martini glasses on it, so I just had to use it in this project! Both cards are fairly simple, but sometimes simple is the best. I had to hold myself back so I wouldn't overdo them and take the focus off the stamps and sayings.

You can preorder the sets from Cindy E. Just stop by and check them out. She has a special if you purchase all 4 sets.


Cindy said...

This stamp set looks wonderful. So do your cards...Thanks for sharing!

CorrieW said...

These are so nice I love the UTEE what a great idea

Beth Norman said...

Lovely cards. The use of UTEE is an excellent idea.

Christina said...

i love the martini glass...both cards are cute! thanks for the inspiration